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Key Features

  • 'Aveda' - The Ayurveda Centre
  • 3 Diet Centres - 'Malar', 'Manos' and 'Amboi'
  • Gymnasium
  • Yoga / Meditation Centre & Open Air Area
  • Walkway & Jogging/Biking Track
  • Motorized buggies for Transportation
  • Swimming Pool

Dr. Haneesha

A Graduate of ayurvedic medical science from VPSV Ayurveda College,Kottakkal Calicut University. She is working as Assistant Medical Director in Alshafi kottakkal Ayurveda Hospital Multi Speciality Hospital,Malappuram,Kerala,India. She is also serving as Chairman of Aliya Ayurveda Medical Trust,kerala.Dr.Haneesha started her practice in 2007 and gained immense popularity in a short period of time. She has experience in Panchkarma and identified the healing powers of Ayurveda by concentrating on research and development process. Her expertise in Ayurveda gave relief to many patients who were under different kinds of pain like backache, neck pain, joint pain , arthritic complaints and gynaecologic problems.

She also completed diploma in Beauty therapy and MSW.

She is totally dedicated to presenting the ancient science of healing i.e., Ayurveda for the world.

For the benefit of society and expansion of her work in Ayurvedic field, She served at various clinics and hospitals in and out side India. . She has treated so many critical cases with the help of ayurvedic medicines and with panchakarma treatments.

She is working with Agnikarma, prachana ,siraveda and leech therapy for curing various critical cases.

She is practicing as Panchakarma tutor in Kottakkal Ayurveda Academy and given training to lot of students inside India and Europe.

She did a lot of medical camps for osteoporosis –BMD testing,diabetics,general medicines with her collegues and Teachers. Various TV channels of East Europe has telecasted so many programs on different subjects like Ayurveda panchakarma,Auto immune diseases and Ayurveda,basics of Ayurveda etc.

Several health magazines of East Europe has published different write ups of her like Ayurveda and keraliyapanchakarma,parkinsonism, ,Autism etc She is giving Ayurveda food cooking shows and classes in popular television channels in Europe.

She Writes various articals about Ayurveda and different subjects in various magazines & news papers. And makes the people aware of ayurvedic science Her goal is to make the society aware of the Ancient Ayurveda & insist to adopt its special concepts in daily routine and keep them fit & healthy. She is well expert in using single ayurvedic drugs for treating various ailments successfully.

Her husband Dr Hamsa is also a very well known and proficient Ayurvedic Consultant.

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