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Key Features

  • 'Aveda' - The Ayurveda Centre
  • 3 Diet Centres - 'Malar', 'Manos' and 'Amboi'
  • Gymnasium
  • Yoga / Meditation Centre & Open Air Area
  • Walkway & Jogging/Biking Track
  • Motorized buggies for Transportation
  • Swimming Pool

Helth tips

Ayurveda --Never sleep during the day, especially after lunch as it produces indigestion--

Buttermilk is easily digestible, astringent and sour in taste, kindles hunger, intigateskapha and vata and cures dropsy, enlargement of the abdomen, haemorrhoids, duodenal diseases, dysurea, loss of taste (appetite) enlargement of spleen, abdominal tumor, complications arising from excess consumption of ghee (during oleation therapy). Artificial,poisons and anemia.

*Cough:- Use Ginger juice with honey.
*Head ache:-Apply amla paste with milk over the forhead.
* Diabetis:-Use bitter guard daily.
* Acne:-Apply lemon juice with honey over the face.
*Obesity:-Drink water mixed with honey daily at bed time.
*Cholesterol:-Use Green chilly with daily food.
Coconut water is unctuous sweet, aphrodisiac, coolant, easily digestible, relieves thirst, in crease hunger and cleanses the urinary bladder.
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